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Jack Frost has never met anyone like him before. At least, not when it came to powers. So when he meets Elsa, ‘hes quick to befriend her  —- but he isn’t the only one. Pitch Black has seen what powers like Jack’s can do when mixed with his own and he will stop at nothing to get them.

Instead of showing himself, he sticks to the shadows, whispering doubts into Elsa’s ear, weakening her courage through the years. After not having visited Elsa in quite a while, Jack returns to find that the King and Queen have died and Elsa is slowly losing control. Jack tries to offer help, but she shoots him down, causing him to leave the castle. Pitch finally reveals himself, showing Elsa her fear of hurting Anna, and he convinces her to give in and join him.

When Jack finds out, he calls in the reinforcement of the Guardians, meanwhile, he and Anna try to bring Elsa back to her senses, only to find that she thinks she’s too far gone. With the power of love, Anna is able to bring her sister back and she helps the Guardians send Pitch away once again.

January 25, 2014 - 8:40am [8 months ago]
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